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Lady Part Repair Protocol

Learn how to rebalance your vaginal microbiome, reduce unwanted symptoms, and restore harmony to your lovely lady parts.

This course if for you:

  • Experience vaginal odor
  • Experience excessive vaginal discharge
  • Experience vaginal itching
  • Want to support your vaginal microbiome after IVF or other vaginal treatments
  • Want to rebalance your vaginal microbiome before birth or after pregnancy 



  • Your female anatomy and the microbial bugs that co-inhabit with us.
  • The symptoms that can indicate something is off with your vagina and lady parts.


  • Dr. Leah's lifestyle and dietary habits to help shift the microbiome into a healthy state.
  • Her quick guide to healing your gut.
  • Her herbal and nutritional supplement protocol she uses in her medical practice to help women rebalance their vaginas and eliminate unwanted symptoms. 


  • Reduce unwanted vaginal symptoms such as odor, discharge, itching, and discomfort that can come with an imbalanced vaginal microbiome and move into a state of optimal microbial balance.



  • You will be given access to Dr. Leah's favorite supplements, which you can purchase at a discount while inside the program. 
  • ** NOTE: The cost of supplements is not included in the price of the program.

Note: This course is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for a diagnosis and treatment for vaginal diseases or imbalances from your provider.