Boosting Egg Quality

Learn the essential steps to take to improve your egg quality, ultimately improving your chances of conception, decreasing your risk of miscarriage, and improving the health of your future babies and children. 


This course is for any woman who

  • Wants to optimize her body and eggs before trying to conceive
  • OR
  • Is currently trying to conceive
  • OR
  • Is experiencing infertility
  • OR 
  • Is going through IUI or IVF
  • OR 
  • Wants to optimize before egg freezing 


What the course will teach

  • Everything you need to know about boosting egg quality
  • How to explore the root-causes of poor egg quality and what to do about them
  • Dr. Leah's egg quality protocol including dietary, supplement, and lifestyle practices



  • How Baby Making is Like a Video Game
  • Why Egg Quality Matters  
  • How Egg Development Works 
  • Age and Egg Quality 
  • Ovulation, Egg Quality, and Progesterone 
  • How to Assess Egg Quality 
  • What Negatively Impacts Egg Quality 
  • The Holistic Egg Quality Protocol 
    • Diet
    • Lifestyle
    • Targeted Nutrients / Natural Medicine
  • Egg Quality in IVF and Egg Freezing

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