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A comprehensive fertility solution for the couple who wants to conceive naturally


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Do you want to become a mother more than anything?

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You have your heart set on starting a family and are eagerly preparing to begin trying within the year.
  • You have been actively trying to conceive for several months and although it's still early, you can't help but worry that something might be¬†missing.
  • You have a burning desire to optimize your chances of conception and avoid the distressing path of infertility.
  • You have been trying to welcome a baby into your life for at least a year, and you find yourself feeling lost in a sea of frustration and grief.
  • You have been navigating infertility for a while, perhaps have tried conventional treatments, yet you yearn for new solutions, a supportive environment, and an approach that addresses the root causes of infertility.

The problem is most people spend a year trying to have a baby...


Many are then subsequently diagnosed with infertility before being made aware of everything they should have done to prepare their bodies and lives before trying to conceive, as well as how to boost fertility, increase their chances of conceiving, investigate their fertility, and optimize the health of their future children. Going through this season alone or with a small amount of direction from the internet or conventional doctors can create a lot of confusion, fear, and overwhelm leading to the dream of being a mother being just that... only a dream.


The fertility journey can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming.


But it doesn't have to be. You deserve this season to be full of hope, happiness, peace, and confidence with you knowing you are going to get your happy ending.

Introducing a comprehensive fertility solution for women who want to become mothers

What You'll Learn Inside the 13 Mini-Courses...

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"I realized that my hormones were flatlined, it made me worried because I always wanted to have kids. I didn't realize what a major part hormones play in everything and with her support, my libido came back and then I was able to easily conceive!‚ÄĚ


"Working with Dr. Leah was AMAZING! I felt so empowered to see that I had been able to make positive changes and fix my problems. The most important part for me was to know that my body was working properly for when I wanted to have children, as I was already in my 30's. Now I am happily married and expecting my first baby next year!"


It’s Time To Relax Into Your Fertility Journey

With a step by step, doctor-designed, holistic solution


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If you want holistic fertility support that helps you prepare your body, improve your fertility, increase your chances of conceiving, and have a healthy pregnancy and baby...

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the information online and you want someone with experience helping people conceive (who has also been through the infertility journey herself) to share precisely what you need to know and what to do...

If you are ready to shift your diet, lifestyle, and use natural medicine to balance your hormones, optimize your egg and your partner's sperm quality, learn how to embody fertility, learn how to test and investigate your fertility, and so much more...





  • Access to all 13¬†mini-courses of the Fertility Formula including video lessons and PDF handouts

  • Access to¬†direct lab ordering and supplement protocols

  • Access to the¬†Womanhood Wellness Facebook community


Your health plays a vital role in supporting your fertility, hormones, and overall well-being as well as your future children's.

It is essential for you to optimize your health before you get pregnant. The preconception period is the timeframe of 3-12 months before you conceive.

Some of the areas to consider during this period that you will learn about in The Fertility Formula are:

  • Focusing on your nutrition
  • Managing your stress
  • Minimizing exposure to harmful toxins
  • Moving your body regularly
  • Optimizing your hormonal & gut health
  • Balancing your blood sugar
  • Investigating your fertility
  • Fostering fertility energy
  • And so much more!

Hello! I'm Dr. Leah,

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and hormone and fertility expert. More importantly, I am a mama after navigating male-factor infertility for 6 years.

Fertility Formula is my labor of love that I created based on over 8 years of formal education studying Food Science and Human Nutrition and becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, 20 years of wellness investigation, 6 years in private practice serving hundreds of patients, navigating my own hormone, fertility, and womanhood issues over a few decades, plus years of course creation and wellness education.

I know firsthand how broken our current fertility system is. This course bundle is a more accessible, comprehensive, and holistic fertility solution that women and couples can use to optimize their health before pregnancy and to help them conceive. I want every woman to be able to realize their dream of becoming a mother, just like I was able to do. This is the guide I wish I had had along our fertility journey, and the support every woman, just like you, deserves.

"I am so grateful to Dr. Leah and her guidance along my journey toward becoming a mother. I learned so much from her and after a miscarriage before working with her, I don’t think I would be here holding my baby without her support. Thank you Dr. Leah!"


How This Course Is Unique.

If you're thinking about just binging some podcasts on fertility or grabbing the most recent book on Amazon, let me explain why The Fertility Formula is your best solution.

  • Unlike the conventional fertility model, this course bundle dives deep into the root causes of many fertility issues giving insight into how you can best prepare your and your partner's body and lifestyle for a successful fertility journey.
  • This course bundle does not just cover the basics of fertility; it builds the foundations to optimize your health and hormones and also dives deep into many factors getting in the way of your motherhood dream, from physical to energetic and everything in between.
  • Commonly women are held responsible for so many aspects of fertility. This course bundle teaches how both partners play a vital role in conception, a healthy embryo, and pregnancy.


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  • Access to all 13¬†mini-courses of the Fertility Formula including video lessons and PDF handouts
  • Access to¬†direct lab ordering and supplement protocols
  • Access to the¬†Womanhood Wellness Facebook community