Womanhood Wellness™


Empowering women who want to become mothers now, or someday, with the natural fertility and hormone support they are not getting from their doctors.

Women’s reproductive health is complex.


Whether a woman wants a baby soon, someday, or never, her physiology was designed for her to be a mother. With that beautiful design comes specific challenges women uniquely must navigate, from ovulation and period problems to birth control options, hormonal imbalances, low libido, and navigating natural conception or infertility.


It can all be incredibly overwhelming and confusing.


Doctors often don’t have the time or the knowledge to help women understand their concerns, guide them on further investigations, or have natural options for them outside of medications. The conversations that should be happening around finding the root cause instead of just prescribing the birth control pill, or optimizing a woman’s health to prevent unfortunate issues such as low libido, hormonal imbalances, miscarriages, infertility, or complications in pregnancy, are not occurring often enough.



There is a need for education and empowerment

from a natural and functional medicine perspective in the field of

women’s reproductive health.



This is where Womanhood Wellness™ comes in.

It is a natural wellness education platform where a woman can get honest and easy-to-understand education, functional medicine recommendations, and the empowerment she is not getting at her regular doctor visits.

Womanhood Wellness™ fills in the gaps on the areas of women’s health that are not being talked about enough, inside or outside of the doctor’s office. The emphasis is on the seasons of a woman's life before she becomes a mother, from birth control support to pregnancy prep and fertility all the way through infertility and IVF support.



Women deserve better.




These are real concerns Dr. Leah's patients have brought to their doctors and the real responses they received. 


Sarah had chronic inflammation brewing in her body that wasn’t addressed because the language her body was using to communicate with her was being silenced by the pill. This inflammation went on to cause a whole host of other issues including depression, weight gain, autoimmunity, and infertility.

Natalie’s husband ended up cheating on her because she never wanted to have sex. She wanted to want it, but she didn’t know why she didn’t or what steps to take to support it. Everyone just told her that was what womanhood is like and to just get used to it.

Andrea was struggling with some imbalances that could have been addressed early on while she was trying to conceive. If addressed, she maybe could have avoided needing to do IVF.

Mary’s husband’s sperm was poor quality but no one seemed to care. Because of that she had two early miscarriages and a failed IVF transfer that left her heartbroken. If they had checked his sperm before trying to conceive and had taken steps to improve the quality, even in IVF, she may have been able to avoid the losses.

Ana’s progesterone was low in her luteal phase, but she didn’t know that. If a doctor had checked her progesterone in her luteal phase before she started trying to conceive, she would have known to support herself with supplemental progesterone and could have possibly prevented a miscarriage.

Although we believe there is deep wisdom held in the lessons we learn along our healing journeys, we feel there is a need for better education, better recommendations, and personal empowerment in women's health.


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Womanhood Wellness was founded by Dr. Leah Gordon

Dr. Leah is a licensed naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and fertility consultant, specializing in natural fertility, natural IVF support, root-cause hormone balancing, and integrative women’s reproductive health. Her passion behind Womanhood Wellness™ was sparked out of her own personal story struggling with birth control issues, low libido, painful periods, and male-factor infertility.

She loves educating and empowering women prior to pregnancy so that they can shift their own health and life trajectory, and ultimately those of their family and future children. She is especially passionate about being a guide for other couples as they navigate through IVF, since that is the route she had to go down, along with her husband, to become the mother she is today. 

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